Looking to Buy Tsavorite

I am looking for a Certified Tsavorite stone 3-4 carats. Square or Princess cut.

Hi Good day to you. I have Tsavorite. Kindly send your contact (Whatsapp) or email address


Ceylon Gem Connect

Any specific requirements ? I have LOUPE CLEAN NATURAL TSAVORITE 3.95 CTS. 9X8.8MM CUSHION CUT … in case you are interested do let me know

my email
nb tsavorite

My email address barb732@yahoo.com
In reply to tsavorite gemstones wanted size 3-5 carats square or princess cut or round

Hi Barbara,
I was going through sone posts (since i sonetines find this site confusing) and noticed yours. I xan go through my inventory list im trying to sell since i moved from the NYC area.

If your stll interested please let me know and ill check.


Ken Davis

Hi Barbra we have tsavorites in all shapes and sizes please mail me a list of gems required bijouxdevalour@gmail.com

Thank you