Looking for whole sale supplier

Hello, I am a small jeweler in the US. I am looking for a good, honest, supplier I can purchase whole sale from. Can anyone give a good recommendation? I am looking for gemstones. Specifically tanzanite and the other top three. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

I like to buy from Larry. He owns internationalgemstoneinc.com

The website can be difficult to navigate at times, but his quality and prices are great. He doesnt hsve all of his stuff on his website, so if you are looking for somwthing in particular you should give him a call.

Hope this helps!

I used to sell gemstones I collected over the years door to door in NYC. I moved far away from there but do have a few tanzys. If you send me your email and any other type stone you are looking for I can give you a list of what I’ve catalogued so far.