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Looking for top cut emeralds with GIA report

Greetings, I am looking for nice, cut, top-quality emeralds 5ct and above (and possibly other gems) that come with GIA certificate. Thanks for any suggestions.

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How can I help you and how soon do you need these stones? I have direct contacts in two Colombian mines. Muzo and La Pita. Give me your requirements and we will make it happen.


I have a lot of emeralds but as for over 5 ct they are light Colombian stones. I have top GIA certified Colombian stones but the largest is 2+ ct. Many top Zambian and many GIA certifies but the largest is slightly over 3 ct. I have one 4+ ct Zambian which is… e… well, top but not as top as others. It is not GIA certified but other than time there is no problem to get GIA report.


Dear Sir, I’m interesting in Emeralds from particularly Zambian and in big ct, could will you write to me your Emeralds about? Many thanks, Alexandr

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Hi. We can do Pakistani Swat emeralds in 5ct + sizes. And can also arrange GIA certificates for the same. Subject to decent volumes. Let us know if you have an interest.

Hello Alexandr,

I already said what stones I have. At the moment the largest is 4.45 ct. Very good, even top but not perfectly eye clean (not so important for Type 3 stones - “color first, weight second” - as industry’ motto, but my partner calls me "clarity obsessed maniac’). I may have larger stones in the future but my supplier charges a lot for anything over 3 ct. I have a very good seller in Thailand (not from those who infested eBay) but naturally he deals mostly with corundum. In what price range are you looking for Zambian stones?

Best regards,


P.S. Are you Russian by the way? Wild guess judging by “Alexandr” not “Alexander” and “ru” in email address.

Greetings Adeeb,

thanks; yes, this sounds interesting. GIA certificate would be necessary for these transactions. Can you give me your e-mail adress / contacts? Are you based in Peshawar?
Best regards, Andre

hi Andreufer,
my name is mary and located in nyc usa i have direct contact for emeralds especially in larger sizes. GIA certified of course ,no HEAT treated stones , natural color ,clarity etc if you would like to contact me pls send me ur email and also how soon do you want/need this emerald, also what shape are you seeking?
looking forward to your reply, Happy New Year!

Hello dear,
I can offer u 5cts + Colombia emerald with GIA certificate. Also ruby from Mozambique natural unheated and sapphires

Please send me your interest to my email:

Hope to work something out.
Greetings Vivian

Greetings to you too. My family owns one of the oldest and most reputable jewelry establishment in Pakistan. We have manufacturing facilities mainly in Karachi and retail shops in Karachi and Lahore. We have also only just recently started a gemstone business. We buy Pakistani and Afghani rough gemstones, cut them in own lapidary and export cut stones. I, myself, am based in the UAE. My email address is and phone number is +97156 2115232.

Hello Mary,

thank you! Please let me know your contact details. You can send those to me:

Best wishes for the new year,

Contact us for emerald…

+666 33 518 907


Hi Dear Ms. Mary, I’m sorry, please could you name your email address for me?, I should like to write Emeralds about to you.

Hello Mary,

sorry to come back late - I have lost your e-mail adress. Would you send it to me again so I can contact you? This opportunity is still alive.

Many thanks, Andre

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20 carats piece. Natural emerald

Very nice!! Is it certified? Also, could you let me know the location, and price? Please e-mail me:

Many thanks, and I look forward to hear from you,

Hi sir’

We have emerald and rubies and other stones in stock…



I have about 60 GIA certified emeralds here. Listed prices are retail, please contact for wholesale pricing.