Looking for someone in Palm Springs that could do an evaluation

Hello y’all, I’m looking to help an old friend get some kind of valuation on some old jewelry she has and possibly help her sell it. She is outside of Palm Springs, California and I can get to her to help her. I can only do so much with pictures. One piece looks like the sapphires may be Kashmiri.
Thanks in advance.

love to help otter but I am in Aussie land

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We can certainly help, we can evaluate and list the items and help get them sold on our website. We charge 15% of the total sale for the service. Our website is for exclusive affluent investors. Please let me know if we can help. www.KaufmanandKaufman.com

I went to your web site but it only shows a picture of your entrance, I’m guessing. Any information about you is not disclosed on the site, like address and what your business does.

Click on the company logo on the wall with the yacht and Rolls Royce or click on the word Explore under the logo above the sconce light to enter the site.


I’m confused…you can get to her or you can’t? As far as Kashmir sapphire, it would have to be an old piece dated from when that was available, before the mines closed…you should research that. You can get a local appraiser or jeweler to give you some idea of the value of the stone based on it’s clarity, carat weight, color, cut and so on. If the stone’s value justifies it, you could help her send it to GIA for an ID…you can call them, they may still include an opinion on whether it is from Kashmir or not. IDK your level of expertise…it is easy enough to measure the stones in jewelry and establish their carat weight from gem weight estimation formulas, then subtract that weight from the total weight of the piece to establish the weight of the gold. Appraisal manuals cover the methods to use and they may be on this site, I haven’t looked as my education preceded my membership here. As far as evaluating colored stones, there’s the Gemworld Guide, GemEwizard and Gemval.com. I don’t have a name for you, but the appraisal directories of the various certification organizations will tell you who is local to your friend, if she wants an actual appraisal. That’s about all I can tell you without more info about what you want to do. -royjohn

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Thanks Royjohn,
I have an appraiser for her. I was just trying to see if anyone knew of a reputable appraiser in the Palm Springs area.