Looking for reasonably priced refractometer and microscope for a new IGS student


We are looking for a reasonably priced refractometer and microscope for a new IGS student. Please let me know whether you have anything available that you are no longer using and willing to part with.

Hi https://gem-a.com/ London have a good variety of instruments and also GIA

I was give in one by a friend from eBay cost $137 Australia dollars.

I can not get the right readings

I’m waiting for the RI liquid to see if is the liquid that is not working

Hi Lisa,
I would advise shopping ebay, as the refractometers with fluid have come down to about $70 and a few without fluid are at $40 and the fluid can be had for about $25 or less. Just get a return privilege in case the refractometer is not properly calibrated (test it on a piece of quartz, which is pretty invariant). I doubt you are going to find something used for less. I see used B&L stereozooms for about $150 to $200 on ebay and, with some LED lights, these will work quite well and mimic darkfield. IDK, you might find some new scope for less. I did see some American Optical Model 40,10x & 20x dual power scopes for $50 or so. With the influx of Chinese cheap instruments, there isn’t really a need to pay $3000 for a microscope anymore unless one just really has to have the absolute best for window dressing to impress clients. You might want a 2x adapter or a set of 20x eyepieces so you can get to 60x to look for certain inclusions. Another $50 to $75 should get this.
Hope this helps,


Thank you so much!

Are you still looking for a microscope and refractometer?

I’d be curious about this as well

opticalfactory on Ebay shipped fast from the US . Real store in Oregon cant find the card right now they are nice to work with. Dont be put off by all the gun stuff just scroll down some and you will see what you want.

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Do you have one for sale?

Yes, I have both. I am selling a Microscope on eBay right now. It is a GemOro 1067DSPro Microscope. You can go there to see info about it. I also have a refractometer that I can sell as well if you are interested.