Looking for buyers of Afghan Gems

I am a new entrepreneur trying to figure out how to enter into gems business. I have almost every stone (ex. Lapis, tourmaline, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) which can be found in Afghanistan. The only problem i face is how to sell them. Online help regarding markets is very minimal and most sellers deny to be of help. A selling guide for appropriate markets would be helpful.
Hamza khan.

Can’t offer much help on breaking into the business but I may be interested in purchasing a stone or two.

What quality are the stones and where did you get them

Sure. You can contact me by email, hamza98kh@gmail.com.

Stone’s quality range from the worst to best. We buy the stones directly from Afghanistan from a reliable seller. You can email me for further details, since I am more actively responsive to mail.

Hi .
Please message me in whatsapp.I am an Iranian woman and do gem bussiness in Iran and Dubai.

Hey I might have some advice. I would also be interested in purchasing from you.

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Thanks for your help. Please contact me on e-mail, hamza98kh@gmail.com .

Ill drop a text message.