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Looking for buyers for PGA appraised gemstones. Any inquires can be sent to - -

I’m new at this, only been collecting for a few years now. I am looking for buyers for a few of the gemstones that I have had appraised (replacement value) by “Prestigious Gemstone Appraisals Inc.”.
Some of the stones are, Sphene round 1.8ct, Sapphire round 0.75ct, Malaia Garnet oval 5.0ct.
The appraiser is a Certified Gemologist that uses 3rd party value verification from, GemVal of Spain, GIA Laboratory of New York, NY. and Gemworld of Glenview, IL.
All stones have certification numbers & all paperwork describing specifics of the stone appraised, size, cut, clarity, treatments ect.
Contact email is.

If it would help. I can try and figure out how to list pictures of the stones and appraisal papers, and post them to this forum. Like I said, I’m new at this, so a mentor or coach would be of great help.