Looking for buyers for Kashmir/Ceylon Blue, Yellow, White & Pink Sapphires or Rubies

We have different varieties of natural corundum native Ceylon (Sri Lanka) precious stones (loose).

Please Whatsapp or Viber us on +94716905344 for more info.

Available Stones,

Natural Corundum Blue Sapphire

Natural Corundum Pink Sapphire

Natural Corundum Rubies

Natural Corundum Yellow Sapphire

Natural Corundum White Sapphires


I am interested in blue and pink sapphires an in rubis. All natural, untreated,
in very good/best clearness.

Please offer me your Stones for a good Price on my email adress:

Thank you and best regards

Kurt Zalka

Hello, i am currently in search of a top quality unheated ruby of 1.5-2.5ct. Please email me at seancorbett55@gmail.com so i can give you details on what i am looking for. thanks