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Looking for a stone cutter

hello I am looking for someone who could cut me some stones that I have just bought.
it is aquamarine, yellow beryl and peridot
preferably in Belgium or France

Try Bruno Ronsmans in Brussels. However, from your picture, the stones in the first picture are opaque and probably not worth faceting. The peridot looks OK, but it is not an expensive stone and Bruno is likely to charge $100 and up per stone, so whether the cutting would be worth it would depend on the sizes of the stones. A 4 ct peridot of good color should go for about $150/ct. A 2.5ct peridot is going to be about $100, so about $40/ct.

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thank you for the information

I should also add, since most non-cutters are not aware, that yields from rough to cut for something like the peridot and most other stones, will be 20 to 30%. A good cutter with well shaped rough, if he lets the rough’s shape dictate the shape of the finished stone can often get 25 to 35% yield, but anything above that would be quite rare.

I love the peridot nice.

I might be interested. I have to speak to my cutter. Will let you know, possible ?
My email is

My name is Serge

I am in Belgium

Best regards,