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Looking for a "boat-shaped" faceting diagram, not a marquise


I admired a woman’s ring that had what looked like a princess cut diamond set flush against a trillion cut, except it was one single gemstone. I thought it was a marquise at first because it did have the curved edges, but one end opposite the point had a straight edge. It was basically a boat shape. I’ve been trying to find a faceting diagram for such a shape but I can’t find one anywhere. This woman seems to pride herself on the uniqueness so it seemed like a good challenge for me to try to cut one! I’m completely a novice but am not afraid to give something new a try.

Any suggestions on where I might find such a cutting diagram?

Thank you,


Hi Andrea, I have attached several faceting diagrams may be what you are looking for



Wonderful! I think these just might be it! Thank you so much. I never would have been able to find it without your help.



What about the "eye of pharaoh"
You’ll find that easy online.


Thank you. I found that one and it is very pretty. I’m pretty sure it’s the shield or a modified shield. Once I knew what term to search for, I found a lot of examples. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the help!


welcome ! good luck