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Liveauctioneers, AuctionZip

I am curious if anyone has experience purchasing gems/stones through liveauctioneers, or auctionzip.
I have done a little business through both of them, and just curious as to whether or not anyone here has used either of them.

I have used both. In the past, with live auctions bringing more competitive bids, that is the route I took. However, with the State controlling the live auctions, on-line venues such as Liveauctioneers, Auctionzip and Hibid are all doing well. Some gems are bringing almost retail, rarely am I seeing below wholesale.

I must be naive, I don’t understand “with the State controlling the live auctions”. I have noticed that these entities appear to be doing very well, and in fact, have found that a lot of auctions seem to go the route of bidding wars. The items become over priced and out of reach for the rest of us. And that is IF we are really bidding on a genuine item.