Let's check out this citrine's color, and figure why?

Hi everybody,

This is interesting citrine that I circled, is there anybody knows why it comes out different body color on one stone. I guess it is because of the heating treatment (not stable temperature?), but I am not sure. Comparing with the other stones on top, the circled ones do have different color (both yellow and brown), please feel free to share your comment.

Thank you !

Citrine is a variety of quartz and during it’s growth, depending on available elements, it can take on many colors either in individual stones, or in a singular stone.

Hi thank you for the reply, so you mean that it is because of the rough stone but not the treatment ?

There are lots of reasons a gemstone has color. Heating Amethyst does make it Citrine. The way a stone is cut, available trace elements during growth, various inclusions, rate of growth. These can all cause variations in a single stone’s color. Look at Amatrine as an example.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

As a Gem Dealer and Collector, It looks like classic Citrine that come out of Brazil. I’ve seen more of this stuff than I can care to recall. In many cases, this is no more than low-grade heated amethyst which is very common when it comes to this material. Though most would tout it as such terms as “Golden Citrine” and others. Given the fact that 90% and more stones that come out of this region are heated or treated, I’d be willing to bet money that most of the Citrine colors that are shown above were previously low-grade amethyst.