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Large stone found at low tide

Me and a friend found this mostly buried in clay at low tide yesterday. This is what it looks like after soaking for a night in a little lemon juice. I think I see corundum for sure in it. Any ifno would be appreciated!!

It is hard to tell from just that one picture for my eyeballs. I’m not that good yet. I think I can see where you are going with this. You do come up with some fun goodies on the shore line.
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If there is any corundum in there, you can easily see it in the dark with a black light. It will glow pinkish. Otherwise, without better photos, it could be an agate of some sort.

Thank You for the info. I do have a black light so I will give it a go. I would likely identify a lot more specimens if I could stay focused on one. I’ll add your comment to my notes on that one. I enjoy getting suggestions from this site because I am new to the love of geology and if you don’t know the terminology rocks are very hard to research…

Thank You Otter, with so much shore line to chose from it’s hard not to find a few goodies every time you explore and I go probably 5 days a week when the season and weather allows. I also prospect a little but only when our “guide” is in town, me and my sister aren’t willing to face the bears alone haha… We were told the rock here is some of the oldest in the world, interesting to say the least.
We recently also started looking for Arrowheads and other artifacts. There has been a lot found in building new roads and divisions of town. People use to pick them up outside around their houses here but I imagine the surface ones have been confiscated, we will have to dig a bit.
But I think it is my love of the salt water and shorelines and all that comes with that enviroment that beats my love of geology and keeps me from exploring too far from water for too long.

A few of my fav shorelines, being that you were in the area before the landscape will be recognizable. All our scattered towns have similar landscape.

I do not know how I have missed this thread. Been studying and busy with the garden. Anyplace you find an old stream coming into the main body of water you will find good pickings for pottery and arrowheads. You may even find beads. I have had good luck finding some great camp sites at these locations in the past. It’s perfect for fishing, fresh water and shelter from the open. In prehistoric times the tribes would find high places in the summer by fresh water streams to set up camps.
Great hunting,