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Large Rough Yellow Garnet

Large naturally tumbled (alluvial) Yellow Garnet weighing 67.7cts - longest dimension is over 23mm as can be seen in the photo. From looking quickly at this, there seems to be some inclusions just below the surface/skin, but unsure if that goes more into the garnet more or not. If there is a clean section that will facet a gemstone of decent size, one would really win big! This would make a great specimen, it is yellow (believed to be Grossular), makes this even more important and rare.

If one wants to take the chance and polish a window so the interior can be viewed, that will indicate whether there is clean rough to facet a gemstone. Would still be a great piece if a window is created, and that will show people the interior and how it has grown and anything of interest. The piece is so nice as is, unique, great color and size, alluvial, that I would leave it.

Giving it away considering the price paid. We were originally considering cutting it, but there are some specimens/crystals that should perhaps be left as that – specimens to be shown off and admired, especially a fine uniquely colored example of a garnet.

As you can see, it is over 23mm in one direction and very well proportioned naturally for a table as well as a pavilion. Photos show all 4 directions and was taken under direct sunlight – it would best be described as a lemon yellow.

$525 including postage and handling/full insurance. Available only until Friday Oct 25th, 2019, as we are leaving for our winter office - but would be available next year if not sold.