Large rough Sapphire

Hi there would anyone have an idea how much this would be worth, it’s almost 1kg in weight and we are clueless in what to do with it.

It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and that someone would have an idea of what they want to do with it, as in carving and polishing. Would probably make a terrific picture stone with asterisks.
Wherever you are from contact the mineral department or mineral museum and ask them if they have or are aware of a precedent stone.

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Hi there
That doesn’t help much, our museum and rock mineral department is very small it only handles collections of royalty charges when buying and sale stones. I’m in Malawi boarding Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania we are a small country

Looks to me as massive sapphire(?)so one use for it is a specimen for display.

Honestly, this would be a good display piece if displayed next to fine quality sapphires, with a placcard discussing how rare it is to find gem quality stones.
I would posit the stone you ave would be worth no more than 50 dollars as it stands, simply due to how common stones of that quality are.

Hi could be a good talking point as a door stop :slightly_smiling_face:

Desktop paperweight and conversation piece! :smiley: