Large natural untreated/unheated Emerald >30-35cts in process

Gauging interest in a “work in progress”. Have a very large emerald rough weighing 70.15 cts from some 30 plus year old rough stock I have had forever and is “as is” which has been verified by at least 4 different GIA gemologists as the “real deal” and is now in the possession of the best diamond and gemstone cutter in San Diego who is transforming the rough into a finished stone. Not sure yet till it is started what ultimate cut will be. The estimates run as low as 30 cts and as much as 38 cts for completed stone. Color appears to be vslbG(15) 5/6 to G(14) 6/6 but wont be certain until cut and polished. Transparent. Clarity at this point assumed as moderate but until fully visible is at this point unknown. Cut grade will be Very Good to Excellent (we have a VERY good stone cutter working on it!). There has been no treatment of any kind and will be no treatment of any kind. Pictures available if interested. Process of transformation from rough to finished stone to be filmed and documented. Reply if interested. Not sure how or if I can post pictures to the forum. Lloyd Lamere, Inspired Designs by Linda Marketing Director.

nice looking foward to see progress and pictures !

have a nice day