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Lapis lazuli

Newbee needs help. Can someone assess please the quality and potential price of this lapis lazuli … i have inherited 70kg of individual pieces and haven’t a clue to its potential value

I’ve traded and cut lapis for 40 years and access to the gem Afgan grade has greatly diminished due to internal conflicts. Opium is much more profitable…
In my opinion you have low grade stones. The color is nice in places but it is so loaded with uninteresting inclusions that I don’t know why a jeweler would buy them. Pyrite is the most desirable inclusion, yours are mostly calcite, making it look more like sodalite. The stone in the center and the round stone to it’s right seem to have nice color, but hard to tell from the photo.
all the best, Keith B


$150kg on the high side. $50-$80kg is probably more realistic.

Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated