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Lapidary Instruction


I am trying to find someone in the Boulder, Colorado area that can teach me how to facet rough into gemstones. Is there anyone out there who can provide me with this instruction?


Hi, I’m not in Colorado and maybe this is a stupid suggestion on my part, but did you already look for lapidary clubs in your area? You could look for rockhounding or lapidary meetups, geology clubs, gem and mineral groups, visit local mines (if there are any), etc. I just can’t imagine someone interested in any of those topics wouldn’t have at least some contacts to pass along to help others. Most clubs I’ve found have a lot of people who enjoy making cabachons and I was never particularly interested in that myself. Finding someone who knew how to facet was more challenging, but I did find a few people. I ended up reading a lot and just saved up for my own equipment and ultimately started teaching myself. Youtube is a tremendous asset for tutorials and instruction too.


Hi Andrea- Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I have been looking for the types of clubs you mentioned and have emailed some folks but have not gotten responses. Frustrating. I was hoping that I could find someone to provide direct instruction and correction but you may be right - it might come down to learning via You Tube. Thanks for taking the time to respond!


I recommend the following

And the manual that comes with your faceting machine.

I give remote/video lessons with a purchase of a machine, but you can contact me if you have a question via my website


I could help, If your ever in Colorado Springs?


I have written a book for beginners that is very easy to follow. It is only 68 pates long and has pictures of the entire process of cutting a stone. I teach faceting at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, Georgia and I had to create my own work book for my students. I make it very simple I liken Tom Herbst book to the encyclopedia version and my book is the cliff notes version. The name of my book is “Faceting 1, Learn the Fine Art of Gem Faceting, it’s Easy!” You can order it on line as a spiral bound book or as a download at my website:


This sounds promising if I can’t find a hands on instructor. Thanks for responding!


I rarely get down to the Springs, but may have to make a point if I am able to get started and need to get some direct instruction. I will hang on to your email response so I can contact you in the future. Thanks!


Thanks! I will check out your website.


I’m in Denver. I am just finishing up an intro lapidary class at Hyland Hills rec center. This particular class is cabochon, the follow up class is more carving. However, I know at least one of the instructors does faceting (not sure if he teaches?). The winter schedule is not posted yet, I believe there will be a winter session and definitely a spring session. I can’t recommend this place enough.

One of the Littleton groups meets monthly and they have a sub section of faceters.

I don’t know about anything closer to Boulder. In my experience these groups can be difficult to get in touch with via email (or even phone). I would bet folks from the Littleton group would know some people up north closer to Boulder.

BOMA (Boulder Metalsmithing Association) has recently had a cab lapidary class and I believe they just bought a Genie machine?

If you find a local faceter open to teaching let me know, I would be very interested as well!!!


Great info Teresa - Thanks! Had no idea Hyland Hills did such classes. Will let you know if I get a hold of a faceting teacher.