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Lapidary equipment

Hi, I joined IGS hoping to find additional details of equipment suppliers in the UK. Seems like the US have a plentiful supply and a great choice of equipment; I am considering buying from the US and buying a step down transformer. Any thoughts on the subject?

Hi to be honest you wont find many and obviously if you buy from abroad you then have import and delivery fees . We have a facebook lapidary group that is very active and sometimes stuff comes up on there . Here is the link Lapidary & Smithing and All Aspects of Lapidary etc UK remember to answer the questions or you wont be accepted .John

Contact my good friend Mr. Sandun in Sri Lanka. His company manufactures the machines in 220 VAC and 120 VAC. This is hand made industrial equipment that will last a lifetime.

Here is his website: You will see me there with him sitting at one of his faceting machines. Great equipment, great pricing, great people. Be sure to ship by air freight and not by boat. Enjoy. Michael at The Diamond Grader Lab :smiley: