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Labradorite or Opal or moonstone?

I’m thinking of getting this ring. It’s antique 14K gold with a natural stone and it’s hard to see in pic but half of it is a darker gray with black inclusions at the bottom then the other half is a purple iridescent bluish color with Opal like shimmer with flecks of iridescence…but the darker grayish part made me think it is labradorite or possibly rainbow moonstone or some other type of moonstone…I can’t tell :weary:

Is there supposed to be a picture of this?

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Yes, is there a picture? It sounds like moonstone because most quality rainbow moonstone is bluish to gray with occasional flecks or short bands of color. To put it in a 14kt gold setting moonstone would be a more logical choice. Without a picture I am only guessing at best. If you have a phone snap us one.
Thanks & God Bless

I just reposted this with pics —the topic title I wrote was -is this moonstone? Any ideas would be great! I’m dying to know

I just reposted this topic under the title -is this moonstone and I have pics. Any ideas would be great!