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Lab-grown or natural Emerald? Help me

Hi everybody, I’m a gem and jewelry enthusiastic but still amateur. I have this mounted emerald which was delivered to me as a natural one (AFRICA). I checked dichroism which is ok, but I verified flourescence with SW-UV and LW-UV, and showed inert and strong pink, respectively. Same with Chelsea Filter showed a pink color. As I understand, natural emeralds do not show pink nor red reactions with LW-UV, then I think is synthetic, but I’m confused with the inclusions. Here I have some pictures I took on my microscope. Please help to identify inclusions to confirm whether this is a natural or siynthetic emerald. Thanks in advance. Cristian.

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Actually some natural emeralds do show a weak orangey-red to violetish red under LW UV according to what I’ve read, but you are reporting a strong reaction, which would suggest synthetic. As far as inclusions, those do look like they could be natural to me, but your best bet would be to find a site on line with photos of inclusions in natural emerald and match those to your stone. Differentiating natural from synthetic in any gem is best done by looking at the inclusions under magnification. One recent querier claimed to not be able to find pictures of inclusions on line, but they are there if you search a while under various words. -royjohn

Many of the UV light sources these days are stronger than those used in the earlier recorded literature. Do you have a Chelsea filter, and if so what is the result?
That test may take you a step closer in determining origin as well.

I have Chinese manufacturers that produce lab grown Emeralds with inclusions that look just like natural Columbian and Zambian emeralds. They also do a super job as to cutting and polishing these gems. I looked at your microscopic photos and would suggest to send in the ring to GIA for certification. Emeralds, just like Sapphires and Rubies, are the big 3 gems as to value, right behind Diamonds. GIA can also verify the metal of your ring. I hope this helps!

I have seen natural Zambian emerald that fluoresce red or pink. They contain chromium which makes them show red. Other emeralds usually don’t flouresce as strong.
Synthetic emerald does fluoresce red. You should look up examples of synthetic inclusions and then you will be confident with what you see.

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One of the things to note is that natural inclusions tend to be irregular in size and shape.

i have a 450 carat south african ruby with gold inclusions, but they can only be seen under ultra violet… the only way to find out is with ultra violet, you can’t do it with white light…

Hi, also a Hanneman filters set + chelsea filter can to help you to separate natural from sintetic emeralds.

The natural emerald i have seen has a garden inside the gem i have cut lots of lab grown emerald
If this gem is lab grown its garbage i have seen vails in natural sapphire under 100 power wont make
call on this gem either way.

I would be very interested in knowing excellent sources of lab grown material from China. We manufacture some silver jewelry which is not expensive enough for natural emeralds of good quality, but I would like to upgrade the material we are now using. Please let me know.

Hi! I have purchased from:
Wuzhou Tianzuan Jewelry Co. LTD
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I bought these colors:
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Her phone number is: +86-18977409219

Also, I purchased their lab created Zambian colored emeralds with inclusions. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn it was a mined emerald.

I hope this helps!

I looked at my products, and the special white is called: IJ MN color for CZ stones. If you get this, make sure to get the 6A+ quality material. It is worth the money.

I went thru more of my orders from China via my Alibaba app and found one more manufacturer of quality hydrothermal emeralds. These also have inclusions and looks just like the mined gemstones. The cutting and polish is exceptional.

Guangxi Wuzhou Starsgem Co. Ltd.

Just chat with them thru the app. I have worked with different people there.

I ordered the Zambian color in the emerald (octagon) cut. They will say “emerald” cut. I am very pleased with the quality of the gemstones I received.

Thanks again for your wonderful help!

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