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Lab grown Diamonds


Anybody ever tried testing lab grown diamonds?

I have used a scratch test which completely ruins cz by rubbing it on emerypaper.
The Lab diamonds (melee) passes without a scratch like a “mined” diamond. Then when I use my diamondnite dual tester
the lab grown diamonds do NOT beep, as though its a cz or any gemstone that is not a “mined” diamond or moissanite.
This particular tester beeps when you touch it to a diamond or moisssanite.
Now the reason I post this is because after all my research on the internet theres no mention of this what so ever.

can anybody here confirm my thesis on this?
A lab grown diamond will fail a diamond test on a diamond tester (specifically diamondnite dual tester).
Therefore you can easily tell the difference between “lab grown” and “mined” diamonds with a simple diamond test.


Absolutely, 100% wrong conclusion.

A CVD or HPHT lab grown diamond is pure diamond just like a natural diamond. A thermal probe diamond tester simply cannot separate CVD & HPHT grown diamonds from naturals.


In THEORY I may be wrong, but If one was to set lab grown diamonds on a customers jewelry and they just happened to take it to another jeweler to test those diamonds for whatever reason and that jeweler happened to have the diamondnite tester and tested those stones, they will NOT check out as diamond. I know this for a fact because I got curious about if Lab grown diamonds are quietly flooding the market so I decided to order some to see how they are, I ordered some 1 pointers, 1 1/2 pointers and 2 pointers and tested them with the diamonite dual tester, They do NOT check out, they test like CZ, NO beep NO light but they can pass any scratch test. Also if you mix them up in your diamond parcels you can seperate them by that ^ simple fact.


Well! it’s funny you say that, as I too have check man made diamonds with the probe tester and have both type test positive, however, it took me quite some time to get it to work. The problem I have found was that the tester has to be exactly in parallel with the crown of the diamond on any flat plane of a crystal. Temperature does make a difference as well and the machine has be left for a few minutes.
Also make sure you do this in a lower humidity area. I found this also caused a problem with readings with only a couple of bars of light showing NO GO.
Both type of diamonds are electro conductive.


Hay you could try to burn them, enough heat and O2 a diamond will poof be gone Cz will leave a mess of some sort.Or you could get one of these and look for the cape line . 2000$ is cheaper than burning them you do have to put some time in with this tool.


Good one Chrisa! Love that instrument and man would I love to have one. I find using the hand one is not easy.
Anyway - Diamonds are forever :smirk:


I am more of a colored stone guy and my customer relation skills are a bit rusty. What I did learn about Diamonds was out of self defense. If some one dose bring me a diamond ring I send them to the pawn shop I know the guy I have seen him check lots of rings and I am sure he has done this a thousand times. With that said he has at least two testers that I have seen, and cleans and drys every thing, works in a store with a good air conditioner, he knows how and way the tester works and yes I have seen him use both testers on the same stone. My dad had a saying PFM pure f@%# magic , he was a test pilot and had to fly plains with black boxes in them that no one would tell him what was in it or what it did PFM, to say he disliked this is a gross understatement. After one of these PFM black boxes nearly killed him, they started to tell him at least what the box was suppose to do, the project was a success…If you have a black box dont just do the “magic” learn what its supposed to do and how it dose it if you can. Ps Thanks Trevor I know you get it. now i just need to figure out my new PFM phone


Ok, thanks.

So anyone think there may be a market for lab grown melee (with proper disclosure)


maybe I do not know the price of lab grown material . I do know there is a lot of small diamonds on the market and the stones are all most all cut by machine, the very small ones any way. So you would have to cut them cheep too. Then there is the disclosure issue. After mark up there might be a 200 or 300$ differences in price but is that enough to get past the man made tag I do not think so if one ring is 1700 and has man made stones and the other is 1900 and is natural , and as the price goes up ,the slight price differences vs preceived value of natural stones will be less . It would be hard to win the price vs real ( not man made ) with out a real price difference in the end , It costs more to set the stone than the stone its self you cant win after mark up.


What is their reaction to UV? White, green, yellow, orange, blue, none?


Thanks I am so laughing at my self. I forgot all about UV and diamonds:laughing::joy:


Please let us know the result!