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Lab grown diamond pricing

Dear Community,
Can I please get the guide for lab grown diamond pricing guide? Thanks much in advance. Best Regards, Khin

Best to get a price list direct from suppliers. Nowadays a lot of manufacturing is being done in India and prices continue to get more competitive and quality is also improving. Here at Luxuria Diamonds we don’t sell loose stones but do buy lab grown stones for our engagement rings.

Some examples below for excellent cut, polish and sym stones & non-flour below

Round 0.5 ct. D VVS2 (IGI) US$200
Round 1.0 ct. E VVS2 (IGI) US$1600
Round 1.5 ct. E VS1 (IGI) US$3500

India manufactures direct is now -90 back of RAP. Their value is approaching their cost of production. :smiley:

The pricing for synthetic diamond is decreasing and yet the quality of synthetic diamond is improving. Great! It wasn’t long ago that obtaining colorless lab grown diamond was problematic. Now its no problem at all. It is also helpful that nowadays GIA grade lab-grown in the same manner as natural diamonds, offering full grading reports for both.

Correct. The reduction in price (Technology Loss) and the increase in quality is following Moore’s Law. ;))

I just received a price list of thousands of synthetics at 96% off Rappaport… Admittedly, I think it’s a little odd to price them that way, but there MUST be a floor to the price.

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