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Lab created rubies


How do I identify lab created rubies from natural?


Lots of skill and sometimes specialized equipment. Here is some interesting reading or you can look at some books if you are interested in identifying the stone yourself.


Thank you for the link Vincent. I’ve long loved gems but am new to actually studying them. The GIA site, as well as this one, is invaluable!


Sage, no problem. Do you have a ruby that needs to be identified? Do you collect or cut gemstones?
This is a 5 ct.+ synthetic ruby that I cut.


Here is some Chatham flux grown ruby.


I have a bule, I think it’s called, that I bought from a Russian dealer in Bangkok a few years ago. It looks like a candle. The price was very reasonable. Can’t remember exactly. I was going to cut it but the guy who owned the machine said no. It was too hard and would rather me start with something easier to cut.


No I don’t collect or cut them, just enjoy them in a few pieces of jewelry. Your photos are lovely!


GFW, that was probably good advice from the owner of the machine. I had made the same mistake many years ago, I wanted to learn faceting at a gem show and a guy was going to let me use his machine, but I had to buy a stone from one of the dealers there and of course I picked topaz and he suggested something easier to cut. Quartz or a cheap garnet would be a better first stone.


Sage, that’s cool. Rubies are awesome! From my experience most dept stores disclose what the ruby is, as far as man made or natural and there are some treatments. On the other hand there are some that wont. I have bought heated that were filled on purpose just so I could examine them under a microscope. Finding a natural ruby these days will cost you and it had better come with some good credentials.


It’s been a while back, but as I recall he gave me a piece of CZ and the other was a piece of amethyst quarts. I’ve thought about giving it a go again but the machine is a bit pricey. I know there a classes where I can use their machine but they are far from me and adding hotel and other expenses up, I may as well buy a machine if I was going to cut more than a dozen or so.

Does the flame fusion ruby look different, either under a loupe or microscope, than the one you posted when cut?