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Lab created Rubies

I have recently acquired (inherited) some Lab Created Rubies & Sapphires. But I am having trouble finding price guides for lab created Rubies & Sapphires. All the guides I’ve come across, only talk about “Natural” stones in their pricing guidelines. I know that lab created Rubies & Sapphires are worth considerably less than natural ones, but how do I find, how to value them.
Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Are the stone finished or rough? To determine the value of rough, find a gemstone supply house online. and check their pricing. For finished goods, find an online gem dealer and investigate their pricing schedule. If neither of those work, you have a major problem!

They are pretty close to worthless, you can have one for $4 including free shipping from China.

If you brought them into my office and gave them to me, I would throw them in the ‘box of wayward gems’ that I use to give away to kids when I give talks at local schools.