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Lab Created Fancy White Diamonds?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to do some research on fancy white diamonds. I’m having a hard time finding more information other than Leibish & Co, and a few articles. I know the natural ones are rare, but I was wondering if they’ve found a way to synthesize them. I can’t seem to find anything on them, probably because white diamonds are interchangeable terms for colorless diamonds. I’m assuming the milky white colored diamonds can’t be synthesized, since I can’t find any info. I just wondered if someone could confirm that for me. Thanks!

I recommend to check references on Wikipedia’s articles.
i.e. Synthetic diamond - Wikipedia
There are plenty links, so maybe you will find what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused by your description of ‘fancy white diamonds’. Unless that is a term being used to describe a proprietary or trade marked lab creation such as “Diamond Essence” for cubic zirconia.

In my experience with GIA’s grading criteria for genuine stones, diamonds are graded on a color scale from D thru Z; D being colorless; and subsequent gradings becoming more yellow until the last grade of Z which is yellow.

Any other color diamond of which there are multitudes are graded as 'Fancy" diamonds using a separate set of standards. So, at least in GIA speak a white diamond cannot by definition be a fancy diamond. The two appear in my experience to be mutually exclusive.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck tracking down answers to your question if you search separately for lab created or synthetic fancy diamonds, leaving out the word white.
Hope this helps.

I understand that colorless diamonds are graded D-Z. I’m talking about natural diamonds that are a milky white color. I was wondering if they created a synthetic version of those.

The diamonds get the white color from submicroscopic inclusions which cause it to be a frosty white color.

Leibish and Co has these along with their other fancy colors. The terms white diamonds and colorless diamonds are interchangeable in the trade, but there also natural white colored diamonds, although they’re rare.

I know we’ve synthesized other fancy colors but didnt know about white colored diamonds.

Opaque then?

I think a white, milky diamond isn’t worth much, so it is unlikely that labs are going to try to synthesize them. I don’t think you are going to find any. A lack of transparency is a serious flaw in a gem diamond.

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