Kornerupine identification

Good Day All , I trust you are well.
I have a few faceted pieces of kornerupine can anyone help me identify if they are indeed kornerupine , and advise on resale price etc ?

I think your best bet on price would be to search for stones for sale on the internet. GemRockAuctions has about anything. Just factor in the clarity and color and weight vs your samples. As far as ID, there are several options. You could do an SG test and also examine for pleochroism, probably with a dichroscope. I think you will see three colors with kornerupine, altho’ I can’t seem to find any info on line as to what these might be. Probably green to red hues. Another possibility is to spend $85-$100 and get a refractometer on Ebay. Just check whatever you buy for accuracy with a piece of quartz, which is pretty invariant. Get a return privilege in case it is out of calibration, but the Chinese refractometers seem to be pretty good overall. A refractometer would show the trichroic property as well as an RI range. -royjohn

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Thank you we have tested on our machine and it all comes up as Kornerupine now its just the pricing as they are stunningly clear faceted gems that need to up for sale .

Thank you for the assist