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Kiwi/Mint/Apple/Avocado/Bean/Asparagus Green Grossular Garnet?

I have a parcel of grossular garnet, some are nice, some are ‘meh’, most need to be recut.

Although a few could pass as tsavorite, most are far too light.

I have seen similar colours called ‘mint’ (but mint usually hints at bluish green)

I have also seen ‘Apple’ and ‘Kiwi’ green used to describe such colours…

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I agree that “mint” implies a hint of blue, which these stones don’t have. IMO, the first 2,for sure, are what I would consider "apple"green, and the 3rd one is pretty close. All the rest I would consider to be “olive” shades of green. I also agree with the “meh” unfortunately. Definitely none are shades of green that are going to catch my eye. I would be interested in seeing difference/ improvement from recutting.

They really need to be recut, a lot of the material is nice, but the cutting is just SO SO SO bad!

I think I may just send the whole lot out for a recut, they are kind of ‘too far gone’ for the North American Market (other than collectors)