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Keeping track of inventory

My name is Wil.

I started to dabble in gem stones just recently.

I wanted to diversify my rainy day collections (coins) and attended a live auction.
I purchased several stones and I was kind of hooked.

The first challenge I encountered is how do you keep an inventory. There is a lot of paperwork, such as lot numbers, certifications, and paper packages in which the gem stones are distributed. Since I have a limited amount of knowledge regarding gemstones, I have to add the names as well.

So, what is a recommended format for keeping inventory?
What kind of storage furniture is recommended?

Your expert advice and suggestions are very much appreciated.


I think a system of drawers, etc. I’m in the same boat.

If you are a collector, I suggest the 1 inch gem jars that come 50 to a flat. Plenty of them available on aliexpress and you will be able to easily enjoy them, as well as inventory them.

If you are a dealer, parcel papers & diamond boxes are probably best.

I have the same question, but I’m talking inventory, which I is there a program out there that I can keep track of all the sizes and gemstone

I use a small pocket notebook for things like that. They dont take up a lot of space. I keep all my bills paid/confirmation codes in my purse. Old school, but it works.