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Just starting out with stones

Hello everyone!
My wife and I are kind of new to stone collecting, and we are looking for a way to learn how to evaluate the real stones from the fake ones.
We have a stone and rock shop at a local flee market and although we do well with it, we would hate to know we have sold our customers fake stones. Is there anyone on this site that can point us in the right direction with this? We know all about scammers, and would appreciate any information you could send our way.
Bill &Pauline

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Buying from a reputable dealer would be a start, otherwise, you will need gemological equipment and some knowledge to make that determination - and it can’t always be done in house and might have to be sent out to a lab. (Sight ID only goes so far)


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Hi the above link can be copied to your browser and gives my practical book on gemmology geared for the beginner as well as the novice and more advanced. Read an enjoy. Sincere regards. Adrian Ryder

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Thank you so much for that link. I am a semi new collector & this will help me to not add junk & fakes, as someone colorfully put it “aquarium pieces” to what I collect.

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Sound advise. Knowledge is king!