Just a question!

Hi dose anyone know a color changing gemstone that is dark blue to a light pink? I found something like that in a rock that changes color. I searched the internet. I could not find a second copy of it outside my rock i have. (I found more than one in the same rock though.). Thanks

“Could” be anything from Fluorite, Sapphire, Garnet. You don’t give enough information to make a guess even possible. Perhaps a photo in the different lighting, location of find etc. might get you better responses.

Sorry never heard of a stone with this change.

I found this completely within the rock. I feel silly asking. I am only asking because I never found a color changing gemstone like it before. I mean the color changing colors. I know I already posted something else about this rock. But now this is something new I found. Thanks

Does anyone think this could be a new discovery color change for a stone in general? It is light pink to dark blue! Thanks!

color change in a rock rather than a crystal would be bizarre. what kind of illumination are you using?.. The most striking color changes in gems occurs with artificial versus sunlight. ambient light intensity and color spectrum of the light source makes a difference. Sunlight has a temperature of 5000 degrees K…the angle of incidence on a crystal also makes a big difference even with a single type light source… crystals have different axes some of which have different refractive indices. absorption spectra will be different along a different axis… can’t tell from pictures only… I have said that before. Do more of your own research and then take it to a local expert… even a local expert might be only able to give you a range of possibilities without specialized testing.

Actually when I wake up in the morning it is light pink in a dominate color. Then the day goes on. The sunlight goes down for a monent through the window when I was looking at it directly. The color changes to dark blue when it was less Bright light. Then I was taking pictures of it on my phone. Outside with the sunlight it is more light pink. One more thing I was putting water on it. The stone in the rock with hot water was a dominant color on one color and as the hot water cooled down the gemstone in the rock showed a dominant different color. I forgot at the moment which the order of the colors were for hot and cooled down rock. One is pink dominate color of the gem in the rock and the other color was blue gem dominates in the rock. I really when I was doing pictures had my flash on my phone on for taking pictures when it was blue. I was inside when I was taking those pictures . I don’t think I had anything kind of flash or anything when I was taking the picture outside for the pink stone picture. So that is all the lighting that was used. Sometimes it’s different time of day and the gemstone will just look different on its own really. I brought this stone to Gary the gemologist in my jewelry class. He is very knowledgeable. He worked as a gemologist for many years. He is retired from gemology right now. He told me the blue thing on top of the rock could very well be blue diamond. He was looking at the blue gemstone on top of the rock.
He told me it iwould be a low grade blue diamond if it was a diamond. Since I did not use special different light a different light source I wonder if it could actually be a diamond where it’s changing color? For this stone I know hot water changes the color as it is hot to cooling down. I know during the day it looks different without me doing anything different to it. Lastly when I wake up in the morning it’s very light pink. I think this stone is odd too! That sums everything up thanks.