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Jewelry cleaner safe for emeralds?

Hi everyone, I have seen several jewelry cleaners that claim they are safe for emeralds, does anyone have experience with some and they are SURE they are safe?

I use denatured alcohol, after I cut them I have to soak them to remove any wax or glue used to hold them to dop. Also have used goof off on them.

Use an ultra sonic cleaner and you will not have your emerald it will more likely disintegrated

Your answer is under Consumer Advice is near the end:

lol, I tell people the same thing, room temperature water, no soap etc, and a children’s toothbrush.

I was just hoping there was something I could use that would remove dirt, but, not oil.

I use the same process as our friends at Skygems. Water is earths best solvent that does not break down the oils that the emerald it treated with. I do stress to use distilled room temperature distilled water. You will not have water spots on them in the end. A soft toothbrush is what I use. A child’s toothbrush is a bit soft sometimes. I have let them soak for a few hours before. Always assume that you have a treated stone. I only use my sonic cleaner on items that do NOT have stones now. I had a sapphire fall apart on me. It looked perfect under the loupe before going in. Good thing it was my sisters. She talks to me now, sometimes. Lol
All the shining best!