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Jewellery shop closure


What would you do or where do you start when you buy a jar of gems from a closed jewellers shop ?
thousands of gems pulled from 9ct 18ct jewellery (They used to scrap rings for the gold ).
5 weeks ago i joined IGS and have learned so many things, so far i have found 123 diamonds 14 rubies 97 sapphires and Zircon the list will continue.
still grade and clarity to do but as for where to sell i do not know where to begin advice please.


If you are interested there is a fantastic diamond dealer just outside of Chicago that I am sure would be more than willing to help you get rid of your stones at the best price. He shop is Gregory Diamonds and the number is 800-792-4734. He is a class act and you will like him I am sure.

Hope that gives you somewhere to start.

Cindy Leazer
Design Creations


I bought 37,000 carats of breakout goods from a chain of pawnshops, 90% synthetics 9% cheap garnet, topaz, citrine, amethyst etc. but there were about 1% valuable gems such as small diamond melee, a 0.90 heated Burma ruby and a 5 carat gem clean Fanta orange spessartine garnet. Refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope, hand held spectrometer and microscope resolved most ID issues!


Thank you for the advice

Maybe you could help me shift/ sell them i bought all the above items and 2 microscopes ( its wonderful what you see inside a gem) so i am still sifting though them. Question where do you sell 0.100 - 0.250 diamonds as i have done the checks but still to grade thats the hard part, because all the gems came from gold items its been quite difficult to find any one who would grade them for me Scotland does not have anything like IGA thats why i joined IGS .



If you Google “diamond melee buyers” you will find several companies providing this service. I kept the diamonds in my lot for manufacturing small jewelry projects. I am based in Bangkok but will be in USA May 31 - June 7th for the big JCK Las Vegas show. Please email me at and I will do my best to help you with the other gems and microscopes. During that time I will be using my international roaming number +1-702-538-1772 - Ciao, Jeffery Bergman SGC SSEF - Primagem, Bangkok


If you are selling one of the microscopes I have a customer that would be interested. Email me at Thanks, Sara


I’m looking for an appraisal, May I send an email to you please?


I am in need of a microscope. My number is (502)648-2484
That is if you have not already sold it.


Hi I found my microscopes on eBay. I have an American Optics and a Baush and Lomb. I paid 100.00 each. I had to make my own lighting but I found an old cheap jtv microscope and pulled the stage off it. I have 2 great microscopes for less than 300.00. If you look at the gia microscope they us either the American Optical or the Baush and Lomb stereo zoom microscope head.


I am actually the other end of the country (Kent at the moment) would be interested in what you have. Stones ( and melee). my email is


Hi Bob,
My eldest sister is a top dog nurse with the VA hospitals and she is cobbling a scope together for me from the labs discards. In return I will be making her some real nice pieces and doing some work for the nice people in the lab that are kind enough to not throw away broken scopes. I have the feeling I should just order a new one it would be cheaper.
All the best,


Chris ,

We have very nice stones in stock



There is a greeat guy in Sri Lanka French gemolical labs and very reasonable. If you have trouble finding him let me know