Jeweler for hire

GREETINGS, my name is Matthew and I am the owner and operator of The Chautauqua Jeweler. I am an I.G.S. certified gemologist and active pro. Member of this fine society of gem lovers and enthusiests. I have devoted the last 12 years of my life to educating myself and others about gemstones and jewelry. I would like to offer my professional services to all members of I.G.S. as I feel I can be of service to many members. I offer services such as, lapidary( facet/cab), gem testing and I.D., appraisal, and custom jewelry(Bespoke), made by hand. Please enjoy some pictures of my work from Jan. 2nd till now.

are you a member of ganoksin/orchid? Do you do fabrication, casting or both?

I am a fabricator, all designs are hand produced and never exactly replicated
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Not a member of either.

I also do some Delft clay casting but not lost wax.

very nice. Fabricated pieces are great craftsmanship. I’ve been a member of ganoksin/orchid for years, dating back to the time I was doing hobbyist jewelry. I stopped doing it due to neck and shoulder problems. It was a lot of time and concentration while it lasted. I am keeping all of my pieces as I can’t make anymore. I still contribute to the orchid website based on years of experience.

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Hello Mathew. I’m a Pro member as well. My husband and I have been mining Oregon Sunstone and are looking for someone to facet a couple to see how they turn out and find a trustworthy faceter.

If you are interested in helping out a fellow member let me know what you charge, where you live ( in case I have to ship them.) I would leave the cut style to your expertise based on the stone.


GREETINGS KELLY, I would love to be of assistance. Are you dealing with Schiller, or regular Oregon sunstone. To let you know, I am located in Jamestown N.Y. My business name is The Chautauqua Jeweler. You can find me on IGS business listings, Google, y.p. etc. Depending on the carat size of the stones in question, I would be willing to make facet stones for you in exchange for good material for my business.I would also take monetary payment, if finished size exceeds 5ct. Usually, I ask 20% of finished stone value. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

This is one of my Ontario Sunstonesthat I mine locally. Please excuse the poor cutting, as this was one of my earlier faceted stones.