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Jeremjevite: Value on faceted, gem quality stone

Can any expert out there give a current value or a resource to value a large (5 ct) cut Jeremjevite?? No one asked, as yet, as been able to guess a value on such a stone. Thanks! S. Allen

Not sure if it’s any help or not, I found this on youtube, there is a link on there to the company selling it - $4,980 for a blue 3.95ct one.

A picture or two of your’s would be nice to see :wink:

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Thanks for your reply PL01: Any help is welcome, as appraisers are all totally stumped. Have tried to upload photos…no luck (or skill apparently), but will try once more…

Dear PL01, Here is my best pic of the Jerem. It is the center stone set in 18k with diamond side stones. Again, if anyone has an idea of per carat value possible on this stone I would appreciate your input. I bought the stone years ago and put the ring together. Now I need to value it… whew.