Jeff Graham Stones

Hello, I am new to this forum and looking forward to participating.
I have two stones, a citrine and a tourmaline, that I bought directly from Jeff Graham that he personally cut. I was thrilled to get them because his stones sold rapidly from the Gram Faceting website. The stones are still wrapped in the paper in which he sent them, and I captured the descriptions from his website. I know he died prematurely, which was a loss to his family, friends, and the gem community. I don’t see listings of his stones for sale. Are there any thoughts on best place to sell/whether there is a collector market that understands his achievements in faceting designs for gemstones?
Thank you for any thoughts.
Citrine: Gram Princess: Online Faceting Designs and Diagrams - Gem Society

Did you find any information about potential price?

No, there was no response. Maybe the focus in this group is more on his designs than his stones, since there aren’t many of his stones around.

Possible, but it might also just be that the post drifted down the column before getting much response.

If you have an idea on how much you think they’re worth you could put them in the stones for sale section maybe?

One tactic would be to highball the offer and see if people come in with something more reasonable and explain their reasons for it. That would at least get you the information you are looking for. And if their reasoning seems logical you may even have a customer!