Japanese Rhodochrosite


I’m new to this website. I’m finding it very useful. We have some high grade Rhodochrosite from Japan. Can you tell me why this type of Rhodochrosite is not listed in the pricing area?


Thank you for alerting us about rhodochrosite from Japan. We are in the process of updating our gem price information. When we review the rhodochrosite information we will see about expanding it to include Japanese material. In the meantime, I’ll add Japan to the source list.

Thank you. It sure is beautiful material and from what our lapidary friend says, it’s rare and high grade. `

I would also like to do some work with this organization and pricing stuff right tektites faceted work out and the amazing she enjoying glittery cat’s-eye that’s the stones possess her is some discussion the weather are they tektites or not however the important part is the rare than diamonds !! Is it possible I could to send some to somebody so that they could get a listed and included in tj precious stone market?

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