Jadeite value

Hi I ordered jadeite from ebay. Before it was sent I was talking to the seller and ended up with a different kind of jadeites than what I ordered. He knew that I wanted to end up making something with it. I still do. At first I just thought it maybe couldn’t actually be jadeite but a while ago I googled it and came up with a picture of this jadeite that is from california that looks exactly like mine. This one is called light white and green american jadeites. It is 12 pounds. Does anyone know what the value of it is per carat? Also per kilogram? Thank you in advance!

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This is low specimen grade, no gemstone value


The white was translucent when I held it up to the natural sunlight. The green part on the was opaque when I held it up to natural sunlight. This was on a way smaller piece. It was a weird combination of gemstone. I had no idea what it was. Thank you for all your help. Now I know!

If you could get a section polished or get lighting under it it would better to value but just based on the photos it does not look gemstone quality. Maybe possible carving material to practice on but not what is typically seen as anything of significant value.- Sorry to Say.