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Jadeite ruby and emerald

Hi everyone, haven’t posted anything for a while but thought this was worth writing a few words . I have a quantity of very nice Jadeite Have pasted a pic of the rough (it is green all the way through) and a pic of a cab cut from the same material. I also have a large quantity of Ruby again before and after (the cut stones are 8 and 15 carat). This one is only a possibility but I may have an emerald in rough 350 carats it is VS and fantastic clarity (will let you know if it materialises!) anyone would like to know more please contact me I am always happy to answer questions :blush: Could not upload the ruby sorry as they are video but if you would like to see please contact me and I will be happy to give you my contact details.


I am interested in jadeite.

I would not buy any high grade jadeite without a GIA or similar lab report.

All of my pieces are certified by a respected Lab

Hello sir. I need help with getting the quality n the value of this gremston

4 ruby from africa
1 star ruby with 3 legs 12ctw
1ruby 40 ctw
Esmerald from Zambian
2 November stone that are my personal nov 8 1971 is my birthday
1sapphir 209ctw

The pictures are not very good quality so it is very difficult to give a proper opinion. However if I am honest the stones do not look that good a quality. The ruby look like they come from the northern Kenya region, which has fantastic colour stones but sadly mainly opaque. The emerald look too dark and again look to lack clarity and the sapphire the same. The citrine looks good and if the photo is correct and it is untreated could be classed as Madeira Citrine. My advice would be to go to a gem lab and ask them for a verbal report, which is much cheaper than certification then if any of the stones hold value you can have them certified. Sorry not to be much help but hope this is of some use.