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Jadeite or nephrite

Does Jadeite have black spots in it? Is there anyway you can tell the difference under the naked eye?
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Ive seen jadeite and nephrite that have black spots. Jadeite is usually translucent, or opaque with “depth” meaning it has layers of translucence, or appears glasslike, whereas nephrite is often opaque with a more flat appearance.

I can confirm nephrite has black spots, it’s pretty common in British Columbia jade. I don’t know jadeite well enough to say for it.

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I concur that Canadian nephrite does commonly have black (iron) or green (chromium) spots.


Serpentine, a Jadeite look-a-like, has black spots in it. Specific Gravity will usually tell you which one you have or don’t have. :smiley:

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Both Jadeite(Fei Cui) and Nephrite are complex polycrystalline aggregates.

In Jade, the black spots may be symbiotic minerals or secondary colors (iron oxide). However, they both have different refractive indices and specific gravities, and you can quickly identify them.

It takes some experience to distinguish with the naked eye, for example: Jadeite usually has a glass-like luster, while nephrite only has a grease luster, but it may also be other minerals, so you need to use a scientific method to identify them.

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From Taiwan Gemologist _ Chao Min

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