I'sent this a ruby in rock

Im sure i has found ruby in this sapparini rock
But can any one correct me if im wrong

You need to find a mineralogist who can examine this. Perhaps through a local gem and mineral club or a local university. If this is a local rock, someone there is probably familiar with it. Otherwise, experts on this kind of thing will know the host rock, etc. even if it is from somewhere else. If you’re interested in valuation, a mineralogist or mineral collector could tell you something from a mineral specimen viewpoint. As far as harvesting the rubies for gem cutting, that depends on the size and clarity, color, etc. The photo isn’t very clear, but these don’t look like large or clean specimens, so the value may be relatively small. But you need someone local with some expertise to give them a look. I’ve seen star ruby for $6/ct and the best grades of facetable ruby go for up to $10,000/ct.

Hello royjohn
Thanks so much fore your replay
Well this i will do
And thanks again
Happy holidays