Is this ruby?

Hi guys. This stone has fallen into my lap and it’s claimed to be ruby. Can anybody help me from these photos…
It weighs 5.5 carats and is quite a dark rough stone.
If you guys think it is ruby…is it worth cutting?
Photos attached
Any help appreciated

There is no way to be sure from a photo. Maybe take it to a certified gemologist to have it looked at.


Because of the roundness and same color throughout, as well as you said it tested out to be a ruby leads me to believe it could be a piece of a ruby laser rod that is grown in a lab for lasers. Can’t be sure without seeing but it would test out the same as specific gravity and refractive index. Only internal natural inclusions would enable you to determine if it is natural or synthetic. There is a huge difference in price.
Hope this helped,

Robert Marshall
Certified Professional Gemologist


This looks like a heavy inclusion Ruby. This could be lead galss Filled treated. Better to get the stone tested before proceed.

You can find similar looking pink tourmaline too.

Ayesh Ukwatta
Ceylon Gemstones.

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It seems to be a crystal in the hexagonal system. Usually the synthetics forms of ruby are round and very similar to a bottle. It could be a natural ruby treated or not or a reddish stone like tourmaline, red beryl,…? Try a hardness scratching test with a piece of quartz.

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Beautiful stone. Maybe is a corundum, it’s not transparent but translucent. If received treatment or not you need research, but is almost certain is a corundum! Below a sample of Brazilian corundum without transparent that not receive treatment.

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Yes on the second pic above guarantees that it is corundum due to the natural formation structure.

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Hi definately looks ruby, if it is glassed filled it would have a glassy appearance and you would pick up different colouring of light refraction from the glass. you would also see some glass bubbles in the fissures if glass filled generally

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