Is this rough diamond brown or purple?

I’m having a hard time to tell weather this diamond is light brown or purple or little pink . Please let me know what you feel and what could be the value … Thanks

It is difficult to say with only the image o before grinding, but my personal taste tells me purple solid cognaks colored diamonds are not far behind in skönhet…value !? I think cognac it´s easier to sell but I myself had given more for a purple , but I’m not diamond collector and limited knowledge . Merry Christmas

Hi everybody, it’s brown for me, but try to see with a light below the raw diamond.

Merry Christmas!

Can’t tell color from pictures! All of you folks who think you can tell rough stones from pix, who think you can make an end run around doing the work to identify stones-- you can’t. Identifying stones, whether rough or cut, requires study and practice. We would all like to wave a magic wand and have an answer, and it doesn’t happen. I work every day at learning. I learn how to use my tools better, how to use my reference stones better, how to recognize some stones by eye (but not many!), and how to slowly build my confidence.
There is absolutely no substitute for study, for work, for practice, and for work.