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Is this Green Tourmaline

Bought this beautiful stone, was told that it’s Green Tourmaline… Can you plz help me verify the same.
Also how do I verify it… Can you suggest me some methods…
The stone has beautiful white square crystals on the whiter side…
Any advice or suggestions are welcome

Thanks in advance


Good day! Your photo is definitely not Tourmaline, neither green nor any else.
It’s a “some pleasure” to do diagnostics using the photo), but I can make an assumption based on my personal experience that you have a Fluorite sample.
White cubes of Fluorite are clearly visible. And we have cubic syngony, and Tourmaline - trigonal syngony. + characteristic brilliance of fluorite.

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I agree with jeweller174 it does look like it is Fluorite,definitely not Tourmaline

Thank you for the replies…