Is this Gold in quartz?

I am from an area that is known to have gold most often in quartz.

I found this today and … i cant tell. it looks like gold on quartz but I was hoping for a second opinion.

Limonite “yellow ochre”, possibly :thinking:

I wouldn’t say that is gold, if you want a definite answer i would pick up a testing kit. Typically when you find gold in quartz it is literally inside the quartz. The way they have to get it out is by grinding up the quartz. Typically. I highly doubt that you would find gold like that on a stone.

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Yeah this was the first time I saw it like this. This is more type of what I see.

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Test kit ORDERED it will be here tomorrow :raised_hands:

Ok so this one is 10-14k in lead or tin
But 2 others were tested
1 was 18-22k (closer to 22k)
The other is 22-24k
Both in copper

Thanks for the test kit advice. I am starting to get more comfortable with thinking maybe I don’t have to doubt myself so much.

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