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Is this even an opal?

I am in Los Angeles. I have my father’s ring set in stamped 925 silver. I dug it out and just started wearing it last week and have gotten mystified by it. I’ve tried to find something like it on the internet and haven’t found anything close enough to identify it so I am super curious what it is. My dad spent a month in Sydney circa 1942 in WW2. I believe it is from that time and place this ring I have! I want to try to get it identified. It is large, a mix of light green, gold and deep blue. It is crystal clear and iridescent blue is what seems to shine out the most. I am stuck in Covid-19 mode and not able to get to any appraiser. Charlie

Couple things. Can you see the iridescence (all colors) from every direction, or do they disappear and reappear when you rotate the ring? Typically, you can’t see all of the opalescent flecks from every angle (it’s very rare and greatly increases a stone’s value). It also looks like (if it’s genuine opal and not a synthetic) it might be a triplet–a thin opal slice set on a dark, opaque background with a glass/quartz layer over the top of it. Can you see through the stone from behind? What does the stone look like from the side? With it bezel set, you probably can’t see layers, but its worth a closer look. Is it possible you could show it to us up close from several different angles?

Honestly, it looks kind of off to me. Being that it’s set in .925 and not gold, chances are its not going to be a very high quality stone if it is real, but it never hurts to check. Either way, it’s a gorgeous piece :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t look like an opal. Looks more like glass with foil behind it. I agree with CCMerchen552 that it looks off and that pictures from other directions would be a big help.

Thanks for the feedback. Here are some more photos

Unfortunately I did not get the photographer to take a direct horizontal photo. It does not look like foil, it looks like chunks under the scratched glass.

last 3 of 3 sets of photos.

Thanks for sharing your analysis…i completely agree with you

a triplet is my guess

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Thanks laurenb, do you think it is an opal. it shines very brilliantly blue as the irridescent color but it does not fire the green or gold at angles really but the gold does shine bright too.

Looks like Slocum Stone opal simulant

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One can never be 100% sure without seeing the stone, but I am comfortable in saying that is not Australian Opal. If it was opal you would experience changes in colour with even slight movement, every one of your pictured is showing the same pattern, no variation so it’s not Opal.


As a Senior Chemistry Professor, I can never conclude until I have the absolute proof.
That would be Hitech advanced spectroscopy such as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy which is a non-destructive method that will tell you all metallic elements in the stones and their relative amounts. It is also possible to detect the Si element.
It might cost you more to do that than the price of the stone itself.
I’ll think of other cheaper methods…

The side view shows a clear area on top of the color. At best this could be a triplet, but certainly indicates an assembled stone. As others have said it’s difficult to be certain w/o actually seeing it, but it’s not likely to be an opal.

absolutely agree

Thank you all for your insight on this ring. Once I get it looked at by someone here in LA I will post what I found out.

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Thanks for sharing CharliEarl this interesting case

Dear Charlie, greetings from Bandung, Indonesia. Concerning your father’s ring, after comparing your pictures that were taken from different directions, I don’t see neither character of natural precious opals (pictures attached ) nor triplet or glass. It happens that I have several collections of multi-colored jaspers that having nearly the same textures like yours (pictures attached). While waiting the opportunity to examine it more closely, I would consider your father’s gem as natural multi colored jasper ( with most probably chalcedony or quartz ). May your father’s soul rest in peace.

2020-07-18 04.35.40
2020-07-18 04.34.41
2020-07-18 04.36.08
2020-07-18 04.36.46
2020-07-18 10.12.43

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