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Is this Ellensburg Blue agate?


Yesterday I bought a big blue rough stone ( more then 1 kg) from a lady in Seattle , saying that she got it from “Teanaway” east WA state , the area is actually next to Ellensburg city, … I will be more then glad if any one can assist as whether this is Ellen. blue agate or not!


We have been finding many of that by the pounds. Unless it shows a true blue in the sunlight, it wouldn’t be classified as a “blue;” but instead, it would be known as a “smoke” in reference to the smoky gray colors by local hunters. There has in fact been E. Blues found in that region, they are a little more tricky to find. We go there many times a year, even finding quartz geodes. All in all, it kinda does look like one, but if it shows a true blue color in the sun, then it is one. Most agate in this region are more smoky blue-gray to a slate gray in color. Which are not Ellensburg Blue agates.

My conclusion: It looks more like a smoke, not strong enough blue tone to be classified as an authentic Ellensburg Blue. It is a nice specimen with the beautiful striations, that particular find is a good one.


Ellensberg blue is characterized by a purplish cast. So, in that case its more of a quality than a geographic designation.


i’ve been to Ellensburg few times, never got the luck to find any blue agate, but it’s always a good adventure to do. :+1:t2::bouquet: