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Is this antique seal jadeite

This is the object in question, an antique Chinese seal,. I’m trying to get a more professional opinion if it is in fact true jadeite****?? It was brought back from China in the late 1960’s by my grandfather and was purchased at the time as “antique”… I know the forum is about the gemstone which is the question that I’m intrigued with but if anyone has additional info like plausible era of the piece?? please share, I’m thinking late 19th century???..anyone who Can translate the characters? I’d be forever grateful!!!


The English term “jade” is used to translate the Chinese word yu, which in fact refers to a number of minerals including nephrite, jadeite, serpentine and bowenite, while jade refers only to nephrite and jadeite. I have been to the jadeite market in Mandalay, Burma several times, and the color of yours looks more like Nephrite or Serpentine/Bowenite to me, but only a properly equipped gem lab will tell you for sure, try Guild lab, Stone Group Laboratories, IGI, GIA etc.

I agree with Bergy, I immediately thought Bowenite or serpentine

The characters on the front of your piece are only for decoration. What does the bottom look like?

I meant to include this photo of the bottom… I’m happy you asked… let me know what you think, I believe that the black And reds are actually ink residue from stamping articles as is common in the orient for Ownership lineage And or historical importance. Let me know your thoughts !!! Thanks !

Artists use these to Mark their works. Mostly for poems, drawing and paintings. These go way back in history and have, unfortunately, by forgers to make a piece seem much older. They are highly collected.
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The translation in antique chinese, as Google Translate is: