Is this a ruby or Sapphire?

Is this a Ruby or Sapphire? 5.20ct
Need advice,can’t figure it out.


It looks like a ruby to me because of the intense red colour. All curundum is sapphire except red corundum, that’s ruby.

depends on the gemologist on how they classify rubys. myself i consider this to be a pink saph.
but to standards this could be called a ruby.
remember there is a very thin line between pink saph and ruby red when going by standards

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Ruby and Sapphire are the same thing.( Corundum) When it’s red we call it a ruby, when it’s any other color we call it a sapphire.

I agree with you. That has always been the definition as I have read it. Red for ruby all other colors are variants of sapphire

It looks like you used a UV light in the middle 2 pictures. If the gem glows red under UV, it is likely classed as Ruby. But extremely bright red fluorescence could signal that it is synthetic.



if im not mistaking its the chromium that makes it glow under uv.
so tech a pink saph will also lightly glow depending on the amount of chromium.
correct me if im wrong plz

both pink sapphire and ruby fluoresce under ultra violet pink sapphire mostly very well some ruby that comes from Africa has a very slight fluorescent because it contains a fair bit of iron that masks the chromium thanks


Thank you all very much for the information. Very well needed… I’m happy now.:slight_smile:

As you can see from your pics, lighting and surrounding colors (as well as the camera), can all have an effect on the color. Also, each individual’s screen can reproduce it differently,
Based on what I see, I lean to the “pink sapphire” color.
The big (important) question is whether it is natural or synthetic. That will determine the value. Especially in the case of corundum, if you have access to a good microscope (and know how to use it properly), you can look for the crystal growth lines within the stone. If they show a slight curvature, then you rest assure that the stone is synthetic (flame fusion process). In nature, crystals grow with straight lines, not curves.
Alternatively, take it to a gemologist or other qualified person. A 5.2ct. possible “ruby” is not something at which to guess,
Dick Slechter, Sr.


I am a Gemologist, I found it hard to separate the two unless the more intense red has a strong florescence without UV lighting.

I applaud everything else that you have posted Dick. A stone that size I would send for a report and not just rely on my ponderings. It could be the difference of thousands of dollars.

Eric Peterson.

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What about a red spinel? I have a 1.32 ct red spinel that looks like the round one in the first picture.

if it is a top quality Burma red spinel it will fluoresce


Have you tried putting the stone on a refractometer , a spectroscope might help unless lab tested you will not be 100% . We can all guess even the pro’s

Look red enough to me to qualify as ruby

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