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Is there a lab diamond expert in the house?

I know with natural diamonds the best labs are the GIA or AGS, but are lab diamonds different? I’m reading some confliction. I read that the GIA wasn’t great with their reports, so IGI was recommended but was unsure how true it all is. Would love it if someone could explain :slight_smile: thanks!

The GIA gives lab grown diamonds the same vigorous test as natural diamonds.

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The GIA does best with Diamonds by far but AGS will do you a great job as well. If you want to have a higher value on the end, go for the GIA cert. lab grown diamonds in my book are not worth messing with in certifying. If you are not sure if you have a natural of lab grown diamond any lab will pretty much be able to tell you what you have. Any good Gemologist should be able to tell you what you have also and save you money on certifying a lab grown stone. Lab grown stones are getting better but as gemologist, the education and tools are getting better also.
All the best in identifying your diamond

Check out this link. Paul loves to talk diamonds, and good luck.